Audrey Nefkens

Audrey Nefkens applies over 25 years of accounting experience to expertly manage the pre-existing accounting and operations staff of businesses in receivership or undergoing restructuring.  She ensures rents and other receivables are collected, oversees accounts payable, and establishes good vendor and tenant relationships.

As a key member of Stapleton’s team, Audrey is equally successful managing income-producing real estate assets as manufacturers and service companies.  She has managed buildings ranging from residential and commercial properties to a United States Customs and Border Protection property requiring security clearance from the U.S. Government.

Prior to joining Stapleton Group, Audrey served as the accounts receivable manager for a large food manufacturer and distributor and for a major furniture retailer.  An avid traveler, she has visited most of the USA, Europe and the Caribbean and enjoys experiencing new cultures and exotic lifestyles.