Stapleton Group’s deep bench of problem solvers maximizes the recovery of capital for banks and helps resolve disputes between shareholders – as painlessly and quickly as possible.  Banks, creditors, attorneys and shareholders call us when they face gridlock.  Sometimes, the path to resolution is clear.  More often, we need to untangle a complex web of issues before designing and implementing a strategic plan to achieve our client’s goal.  

The lighthouse in our logo was chosen to symbolize our purpose:
guidance, shelter, strength and overcoming adversity. 

David Stapleton founded the firm in 2008 with the vision and experience to provide far more than clients may expect of a professional fiduciary or financial advisor.  Since then, our full-service team of financial consultants and industry experts has resolved over 600 troubled situations with over $4 billion in aggregate assets.  That’s a lot of problems solved.

We serve clients throughout the Western United States from our offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Denver, Phoenix and Las Vegas. Contact us to discuss your problems.

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