Private Fiduciary

Family Estate in Litigation with Business Partner

A family estate was sued by a business partner regarding disputed ownership of assets. As family’s representative, managed the discovery process. Collaborated with attorneys to resolve the matter and achieve a settlement, managing all of documents. Relieved family of litigation burden.

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Charitable Foundation for Wealthy Client

Fulfilled wealthy client’s philanthropic wishes for family to pursue charitable giving, currently and for generations in the future.

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Private Fiduciary – Trustee

An elderly client with a multimillion dollar estate is enjoying his twilight years with Stapleton Group overseeing money management, taxes and asset management as his private fiduciary trustee. Upon appointment as trustee, Stapleton collaborated with the trustor, counsel and beneficiaries to quickly resolve wealth distribution pursuant to the client’s revocable trust, outstanding litigation and tax issues.

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Private Trustee for Client with Valuable Car Collection

Inventoried, appraised and maintained client’s private car collection, preserving the value for future generations. Facilitated family’s estate planning goals by gifting certain cars to charity. Prepared certain cars for sale to optimize the value of client’s asset pool.

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