Asset Management & Liquidation of Bank-Owned Land and Feed Lot

Interim Management, Brokerage, Asset Disposition


The Bottom Line:

As Interim Management, optimized the value of a bank-owned dairy farm operating as a feed lot and sold it in a competitive process. We maximized the bank’s recovery by negotiating a new lease with the current tenant prior to selling the property.

Stapleton’s Solutions:

Our key actions resulting in the successful recovery for the bank included:

  • Took possession of the property.
  • Negotiated a new lease with the current operator to establish payment terms and move out timing to maximize value.
  • Listed the property for sale and ran a competitive marketing process.
  • Negotiated the sale contract and coordinated escrow and other closing requirements.
  • Monitored on-site activity throughout the process, including all permits, property-level accounting, environmental monitoring (soil, well, air) and operator’s waste management protocols.

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