When a company experiences a rapid decline in liquidity or is the subject of a business dispute, a rigorous financial investigation is the first step toward resolution. Stapleton Group’s experienced forensic accountants deliver the information lenders, counsel, shareholders and management need to make informed decisions.

We carefully trace historical cash flow to determine the uses of funds for companies with liquidity problems, and to determine lost profits or damages in disputes. We often uncover fraud, systemic problems in the accounting and finance department, and other operating issues requiring immediate attention for the company’s sustainability.

As needed, our team collaborates with lenders, management and legal counsel to evaluate the company’s options and implement solutions. Our team is skilled at out-of-court restructurings, litigation support, expert witness testimony, and business and asset sales.

Our Comprehensive Services

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Financial Investigation

Trace cash to determine uses of funds, including embezzlement, fraud and other illegal activities.

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Strategic Plan

Provide essential reporting and collaborate with lenders, management, and counsel to define an actionable go-forward plan.

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Litigation Support

Assist counsel in designing a defensible position. Develop concise, comprehensive supporting documentation. 

Expert Witness

Delivery testimony. Provide financial analysis and reports. Assist with damage calculations.