An out-of-court restructuring/turnaround can efficiently and cost-effectively result in a fresh start for a troubled company, as well as preserve jobs and vendor and customer relationships.

As Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) or financial advisor, Stapleton Group’s seasoned team collaborates with management to thoroughly assess the company’s financial and operating performance. We then design and implement an achievable strategic turnaround plan which may include negotiating a forbearance agreement for short term relief, new or restructured financing, or selling the business or assets.

We drive successful, sustainable results by:

  1. Overcoming strained relationships between the company, lenders and creditors
  2. Driving proactive, open communications
  3. Delivering timely and accurate financial reporting
  4. Managing cash flow and operations aggressively
  5. Leading strategic and deliberate actions

Our Restructuring Services

Serve as CRO/CEO/CFO

Take control of the company. Assess all financial and operational protocols. Design and implement strategic plan.

profitability icon

Profitability & Cash Flow Analysis

Build 13-week cash flow and other financial models. Determine solvency.

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Operations and Finance

Right-size the business.  Resolve outstanding issues with creditors and other  third parties.

Debt Restructuring or Refinancing

Advise management in negotiating a new debt facility with existing or new lenders.

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Asset / Going-Concern Sale

Maximize proceeds for lenders, creditors and shareholders while preserving jobs.

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Accounting & Reporting

Assess and remedy financial reporting protocols.