Financial Advisory

When a business’s solvency is in question, Stapleton Group’s Financial Advisory unravels financial information to facilitate informed, corrective action.  Banks and alternative lenders call us when a borrower’s performance deteriorates.  Shareholders and their counsel call us when a business’s cash flow or valuation is in dispute.  We cut through the noise to determine current and projected cash flow, allowing the parties involved to determine:

  • Is the business viable?
  • Should additional funds be advanced?
  • Can the business be right-sized?
  • Should the business file Chapter 11?

Our full-spectrum of Financial Advisory Services are efficiently provided by an experienced team of turnaround professionals, accountants, fiduciaries and industry specialists.

Turnaround Consulting / CRO

Right-size the business, resolve outstanding issues with creditors & 3rd parties, restructure debt or sell the business.

Forensic Accounting

Trace the cash to uncover fraud, embezzlement or other illegal activities.

Litigation Support

Provide supporting documentation to resolve financial disputes, assist with strategy and serve as expert witness.

Due Diligence / QofE

Investigate and validate the quantitative and qualitative drivers of current and projected financial statements.

Profitability & Cash Flow Analysis

Determine the business’s solvency and approximate valuation.

Operations Performance Improvement

Create or enhance enterprise value by promoting and implementing transformative operational changes.

Lenders often retain our team of fiduciaries and financial advisors to shepherd debtors through a  Chapter 11 bankruptcy or receivership, or an out-of-court restructuring, such as an ABC or financial reorgnaization.

Contact us to learn more about how we turnaround underperforming borrowers and help resolve contentious disputes.

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