Financial Advisory SERVICES

When a business’s solvency is questionable, we unravel the financials and operating drivers. Banks, alternative lenders, shareholders and counsel call us to cut through the noise and determine:

  • Is the business viable?
  • Should additional funds be advanced?
  • Can the business be right-sized?
  • Should the business file Chapter 11?
financial advisory

Our Comprehensive Services

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Turnaround Consulting / CRO

Right-size the business, resolve outstanding issues with creditors and other third parties, restructure debt or sell the business

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Forensic Accounting

Trace cash to uncover fraud, embezzlement or other illegal activities

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Litigation Support

Provide supporting documentation, assist with strategy and serve as expert witness

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Due Diligence & Quality of Earnings

Investigate and validate the drivers behind the financial statements

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Profitability & Cash Flow Analysis

Determine the business’s solvency and approximate valuation