Private Fiduciary

High net worth individuals and families who invest in creating estate plans may benefit from naming a professional private fiduciary such as Stapleton Group as their successor trustee.  Despite the good intentions to protect wealth for beneficiaries, an estate can be severely compromised with an unsophisticated or unprepared trustee at the helm, particularly when the estate’s assets include operating businesses or income-producing properties.  Matters can be complicated further by multiple beneficiaries, distance and the sheer time required to manage the estate.

Our highly-experienced and ethical team is led by a Licensed Professional Fiduciary and includes accountants and specialty consultants.  We manage all aspects of clients’ estates as trustee, from overseeing operating businesses and income-producing properties to paying bills and managing taxes, so beneficiaries are free to pursue their personal goals.  Our accurate and timely reporting ensures all parties involved remain informed, and we respond immediately to questions and concerns.  If conflict arises among beneficiaries, we objectively manage all aspects of dispute resolution for the estate, including litigation.

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