Private Fiduciary

Families and individuals with large, complex estates reduce stress, protect their wealth and minimize risk by outsourcing management to Stapleton Group’s licensed professional fiduciary.

Stapleton Group’s Private Fiduciary clients don’t worry about who will run the family business, manage its income-producing real estate or oversee legal and financial issues. They pursue their personal goals while our licensed professional fiduciary, senior advisors, outsourced CEOs, accountants and property managers carefully manage their families’ assets and best interests.

Professional Management of Your Estate

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Trust Administration

Administer and, if necessary, establish revocable and irrevocable trusts as trustee, working closely with client, beneficiaries and counsel.


Manage personal finances, pay bills, review bank activity, provide detailed accounting reports to client, and collaborate with tax accountants for timely filing of tax returns.

Wealth Management

Collaborate with client, asset managers, attorneys and accountants to preserve family’s wealth through creative estate planning, tax and investment strategies, such as charitable giving and wealth transfer.

Operating Businesses

From oversight to serving as interim CEO, pursue the profitable operation of family-owned businesses, including exit strategies.

Income Real Estate

Manage tenants, leasing, accounting, maintenance and improvements to optimize property values. Manage disposition.


Work closely with counsel to resolve disputes and litigation.

Personal Care

Hire and manage integrated team of healthcare providers.

Your Family’s Private Fiduciary-Trustee

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