When a business in financial distress lacks a clear path to recovery, an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (ABC) with Stapleton Group as assignee may be the best choice for the business’s creditors and shareholders.  In an ABC, the business’s assets are sold for the highest possible values and the company is wound down in an orderly fashion.  The process is faster and often yields greater proceeds than a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Retaining Stapleton to manage the ABC process is a prudent fiduciary action by the company’s board of directors.  We bring years of experience serving as professional fiduciaries focused exclusively on liquidating assets and closing down businesses in an orderly way.  In the process, we effectively bridge strained relationships between the business owners, management and creditors.

The ABCs of an ABC


Our exceptional team of fiduciaries, financial consultants, accountants and support staff strives to exceed creditors’ expectations while, if possible, preserving jobs and shareholder opportunity.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of ABCs and how we generate the best possible results for all parties involved.

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