Fiduciary Services

When a borrower’s performance declines or it faces new challenges, Stapleton Group pursues the best path to maximizing your recovery.  Our team of seasoned receivers, turnaround experts, industry specialists, accountants and support staff works quickly to design and implement an achievable strategic plan.  As your independent 3rd party advisor or court appointed fiduciary, we manage an efficient process, resolving obstacles along the way to a successful sale, refinancing or liquidation.

Take Control of Operations

Minimize additional losses and maximize capital recovery


Determine the sources of the borrower’s problems

Develop a Strategic Plan

Remedy issues hindering operations or limiting asset value

Achieve Recovery

Refinance, sell as a going-concern or liquidate

Provide Reports

Facilitate communication and informed decisions

Explore our comprehensive services and contact us to learn more about how we can bring quick resolution to your problem credits.

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