David Stapleton Presented at California Receivers Forum: Loyola VII

Published on March 3, 2017

California Receivers Forum

Tips and Tactics from Appointment through Closing the Estate

David Stapleton was a panelist at the California Receivers Forum’s Loyola VII Education program in Costa Mesa, CA, presenting a case study from the point of choosing receivership to the final accounting.  Stapleton lent his years of experience to provide anecdotes to demonstrate the hypothetical facts presented by the panel:

  1. Business loan secured by all assets of Company, co-owned and operated by troubled spouses;
  2. Divorce action pending after personal scandals, intrusive behavior and erratic conduct destroyed relationship;
  3. Spouse 1 secretly disposed of business assets and changed bank accounts;
  4. Spouse 2 locked out of business with no access to accounts;
  5. Lender declared default and threatened foreclosure on business assets;
  6. Creditors tried to attach assets.

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